Friday, November 1, 2013

Found Art Friday 132

just when we thought we were over the Squashed Abandoned Glove ....
Dear ones,
Where was the Art Ranger?  She was At large.  In the field.  And home on the Range. Both overwhelmed by the number of humans she is supposed to pay attention to,  and underwhelmed by having only 6 visitors to visit some posts.  Facebook algorhythms decide for you.  But we're back thanks to the enlivening contributions of A. Villa from San Diego:
A collection to be savored and shared in two parts, for now ...
Clean hands
Three - what a lovely number of gloves.
plus ...

The clock makes this so poignant.  Jesus and Mary have morphed.  Well there it is, MoM  - the greatest privilege and challenge the Art Ranger has ever had on this earth! We still do seek to make art just to try to get a taste of creation, that urgency, that heart aflame.  To practice making something out of nothing, we need guts.  So thank you for the reminder to just keep doing it no matter what.

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  1. Welcome back! A treat as always & thanks to Andrea, too :-)

  2. just keep doing it! embrace it! be at peace - momma!

  3. Lucky are the humans you pay attention to.