Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double Terrain Sonic

A few weeks ago, the Ranger participated in an online conference celebrating the work of Arakawa and Madeline Gins: In case you never got as far as registering, pasted below is the video Art Ranger created. The conference was mind boggling in a good way. I showed up on time for some "talks" on the internet and participated in a very intellectual chatroom where luckily someone began to talk about gorilla glue, so I chimed in to talk more about snails even though someone wanted to chat about the teleology of the hegemony of the cosmology and mention a lot of french theoristssss while typing exceptionally fast but not without tpyos. I took notes during the chats that no longer make sense. These artists (and they call themselves coordinologists) managed to inspire papers/ artworks/ thinkers from fields as diverse as biomedical ethics, dance, architecture, poetry, philosophy, educational theory, translation, and onward. Ranger enjoys the writings of this collaborative team in a thorough way. They use poetry the way you might use plumbing or foundation. One sentence can last you all day. And besides, they actually knew Marcel Duchamps personally and he's a big Dada for us.

For the New York finale:
On April 30th, at Barnard College in NYC, your Art Ranger will "present a paper" which could mean, standing on her head, or projecting a dvd with layer of live soundtrack by hiring a random band of pots and pans and a pawn shop accordian, perhaps someone who can actually sing a phrase? Or all of the above. She'll keep you posted about this Art-Made-fresh-to-Order adventure.

And for those braver still, here is a link to the paper/ bookreport that was published at the conference:

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