Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello Monday,
Sometimes you can be a little down like your bank account. You know, the faucet drips and something leaks and something smells, the icecubes taste bad and the kids scattered popcorn all over the floor and you dropped something on your toe and temporarily forgot how tiny that all is compared to having a healthy family. You need to get fwapped on the head with a ked, perhaps.

Friends sure come in handy. Today, Art Ranger is going to shout it out for her friend Richard, sculpture brother from college days now living in L.A, and working as set artist for tv show "Parenthood" (which I recommend). Richard has been posting a series of "2 minute warmings", monologues and interviews amongst his world and mind captured via videophone - a vlog of sorts. A few weeks ago, he put our lightbulb on about the latin wordroot "inspirare" which goes well with Inspiration and the Department thereof.
Check it out:

So let's all breathe it in and out and be thankful we don't work in a mine.

1984 - A Myth of Creation
A glimpse of Melissa and Richard's performance on the Art Department patio. We did some writhing in mud once we shed those heavy shapes. It ended with a collective jam session with metal detritus from our favorite junkyard. A boy with jaggedy black hair smashed a red motorboat gastank 'til it looked like a runover sardine can.

Goodbye Monday

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