Friday, April 16, 2010

Found Art Friday 13

Here is some found art for your Friday:This dear one I forgot to include last week: son Ellis snapped it while bored in a hospital waiting for his friend's wrist to get bandaged. A sconce will never be the same.

Below is Turkey Vulture enjoying warmth by Jim Lindenthal.
Art Ranger admires how birds use our human stuff.

also found by Jim:
Think to yourself - to whom would you like to speak to from this booth?

from our youngest son's series of selfportraits not involving his face.

And gathered from the streets from a friend in Oakland: voila an ipod/not

And from directly from the Department of Homeland Inspiration:
The chickens made this bowl out of some watermelon that no one else here could enjoy. Then they drank rainwater out of it, then they ate it. Local locavore, Lettuce Pray was very sad that I bought an out of season watermelon that had to be transported from Mexico that didn't even taste good by the time I fell for it's sweet looking shape.

Last year's vine tendrils:
WEll, art runs in the family, okay. Our dog Bailey created this:

Perhaps a GrassNess Monster?

You are patient to come this far said the fortune cookie.

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