Sunday, December 31, 2017

Found Art Friday 242

Dear ones,
As the year tilts toward continuum, we review some images in the rearview.   
Art Ranger continues to do her job of watching out for art as it intersects with the everyday, but during these months, our pursuit has been sliced and slashed through by current events at an unforeseen rate.  Hard to find any calm on the seas.  Nevertheless, we try to plant our feet, to touch base. 
Gentleman Jeff bike commute sunset
A few days ago:  Palm Springs Art Museum - rearview noted by mother Phoebe
Last month, congressman Elijah Cumming's face encapsulated the year beautifully with: "This is a fight for the soul of our democracy  ... so guard it carefully people, for the things we hold most dear are at stake" ( or something like that) underlined and punctuated by the extremely weathered bags or rumpled suitcases under his eyes.

THE MARCH January 20, 2017: "Pussy grabs back"

Forget who wrote it, from NYT Art section, but it sure was appreciated
Art Ranger is proud of the resistances that have cropped up. The ones in the hallways of Capital Hill, on the streets and the Twittering back-o-sphere, those with new callouses from writing so many postcards. And we applaud the true soldiers of true journalism.  About the #MeToo that every female we know has experienced some version of: "We wish it would just stop" said Jodi Foster on TV, "so we can get on with whatever it is we are supposed to be doing" such as good work, being a friend, etc.,

January 20, 2017
We are looking forward to joining another March this January.  In preparation, the "pussy hat" is having a third eye sewn on it.  Yes, a we are watching! eye.  Also, we are studying rhythm as applied to pots and pans:  Caceroladas - a form of protest that we admire

Being an engaged citizen is everyone's job now - like never before.  

Offspring #1 in his element

As we were attempting to finish this blog post started two weeks ago, came a loud knock on the door.  Do you have a cat?

RIP Monkeyface Kitty Juno orphan rescued from a ditch - we enjoyed your sweet short slightly naughty life.
See you in the new one.  Please send your found art to
blue sky

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