Saturday, September 30, 2017

Found Art Friday 234

Dear ones,

 Here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration - we're lucky to have a dog we must walk. In so doing, the same path is never the same:
Artistic License? - Our new Business card?

We try not to let it get to us.  But it does, because we're all about percolation, digestion, reflection ....

Mire Poix


Since it is Harvest Festival season, we are are going to celebrate the large category of vegetable named squash and the exuberant way that it grows and plans how to support items that may weigh more than a baby and feed an imaginarty (yes a typo) village.

squash blossom with bee

Squash support infrastructure

aged to bluegreen with scars and stem torque
Do you have pleats or darts or warts?  Please share at

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