Friday, October 3, 2014

Found Art Friday

Dear Ones,
Okay, now where were we?  That's just it - were we present where we are or were? and inclined to capture the image presented at our feet:
Discovered by Sonya Devine and Nikki Moore -
 Beach surface celebrates the process of shriveling and gradually becoming something else. Minerals map traces.
photo by Tom Foxworthy - posted by Robin Brailsford, Inventor
Very taunting and tempting to just read that.  Some private things can make you feel that way.

Matt Kilman, from 2010

 What is going on in your "neck of the woods"?  Speaking of necks, those are hard to keep optimally aligned your whole life.  Evidently, ours needs a re-noodling just like above sign.
Suddenly, we completely admire animals with hinges
from ongoing Technology in the Classroom discussion with colleague,  Normi Burke      

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