Friday, September 14, 2012

Found Art Friday 95

Welcome to today's imagery:
Speaking of images, it's stunning what damage an internet video can do.  Even when world news is fiery unravellings, let's breathe.  Act locally, think globally really does seem like a great concept. 
Looky here at Variations in Green:
found by Bonnie Hotz in Salinas
Also mother of twins witnessing twin pumpkin.  Perseverance!
We have found a mate for Tammy the tomato, it's Tommy the retired Sumo wrestler.
What ultra-violets can do: accidental string drawing captures the Art Ranger today.

Favorite illustration in a yellowed paperback for 50 cents at the do-it-yourself coffeeshop library.  Artist's name: Eva Zumvalt. It's the economy of line, the rhythm, the movement.
From Rhiana Michelle on facebook.
See what happens at your point of view, your "locally" and please send some Found Art Fridays to

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