Friday, April 8, 2011

Found Art 48

Welcome to a late night edition of FAF.  Further delayed by an ancient kitty, who after seventeen years of arrogance, has finally decided to sit sweetly on our lap.
The Ranger has been both enjoying and been aghast lately by the miscellaneousness of everything.  There can be an art moment though in what ends up next to what over "time's relentless melt."  The longer you live, the more random hardware you might have accumulated along with a feeling of less time to sort it out and use it for something.

And since we are so humanoid, or human odd, one thing can lead our eye to personify:

Then, out of the blue, and all the way from the Virgin Islands:
Bridget Skjordahl sends a "countertop mermaid".
There has been weather lately.  And that makes for cloud dramas.  "Mom, today at lunch recess there was a poodle in the sky - really?  Really, with its paws and a hairdoo"  
Okay, how about Pegasus

The Art Ranger must sign off now, as her programming is malfunctiony and it is time for the images behind the eyelids to take hold. 

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