Friday, December 20, 2013

Found Art Friday 137

Dear Ones,
Last week, we missed the boat  -  and this week almost, and next week we shall surely despite our regular intentions. C'est la vie.
Today, we experienced a special moment in commerce to share with you. This was from a man with Jim embroidered on the white rectangle of his stiff blue shirt, who operates a unique hybrid of automobile repair/ fishing supply store:  "What I say to people who complain is  - ain't nobody give a doo doo about it - so why waste your breath".
 Yet Another Special Moment in the World of Commerce
Telecollage discovered by Bonnie Hotz in Witchita

They still have hope somehow

He does not Tweet!
We hope you have been both naughty and nice.
And thank you to those of you who responded to the nearly impossible guess about this image.
You deserve the honey honeys.
Sea Urchin Sperm
Because this is (what THE INTERNET said it was). 

Enjoy your world corners.  We'll see you around the bend.
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