Friday, January 29, 2016

Found Art Friday 193

Dear ones,
Already, it is Friday and what happened to January?  We humans love to talk about the weather because it's so much bigger than us, really, the sky's the limit.  This is the Art Ranger's version of a Farmers Almanac and here are some conditions that have arrived in our viewshed:
"ordinary hillside in Jersey City becomes overnight 26 inch reverse boogie board wave (with footsteps-up-the-hill-foam)"
dispatched by the Scholar of Pleasure
A regular day in the life of our East Coast Athiest
Here in Cali, we are now seeing visual moisture effects of rainwater (colors are in love with other colors again). The dog prefers to drink rainwater out of a wrinkle in a tarp over the woodpile, rather than dogbowl stainless.
a new feeling grows

During a warm day in winter, we FOUND POEM: (scrap of paper) IN FILING CABINET

The season underneath
gets pushed up
time to scratch again
comes a new tooth
daisies somewhat vigorous
children splash 

Why else save a thought like that in a metal drawer, unless you once took a poetry class?  Our very admired teacher, the poet C.D. Wright, passed away this week.
El Nino passing through

We think the work of a poem is to be the worm in the sidewalk crack that breaks open new thoughts to string together. Your life is never to be the same after reading Apollinaire, Baudelaire, Artaud, etc...  Of course, we go about the world looking for the poetry of life just as we do the images wrought of random encounters.
 A sight once poetic, now not
You see this sadly boring bit of Bagel sign? This Homeland Inspiration blog practically started due to years ago noticing a lovely birds nest nestled right in the bottom of an a, or was it the e of the bagel sign.  Some of you may remember our rhapsodizing about it.  It was the bump of accidental beauty meets function meets "how to share?".  WEll NOW look at it folks!  - as corporate sterility oozes over our civilization, we feel glad to have witnessed earlier bird art habitat with a scrappy overlappy ingenious messiness, creatures hacking themselves a shelter out of the sign's dimension.  

Have you found art lately?  
we did help and did chat, and did congratulate him on his sign

Hence, this was the best part of the bagel shop this peculiar day:  please send your samples, sea monkeys, squashed parking lot shapes, surprising rainprints, etc. to


  1. how can it be friday already??????? Yes, I like his sign much.

  2. sorry to hear about C.D. Wright's passing...