Friday, February 12, 2016

Found Art Friday 195

Dear ones,
We have no idea why we began to count these, do you?  But it does help one step follow the next, as  you hover a foot's worth of thought energy onward. What (art) that found us this week was actually severely not art, but the antithesis of it:
recent development in the neighborhood
whereas we had been such a fan of this former mailbox for years
 Similar to this un-poetic mishap; once an ingenious home:

and in 2016:  a state of the nation address?  All no, no, and no,
These visual upsets make us cherish the messiness of unexpected sightings:

such as cowpie with super orange fungi - say it now, sing it now!
Oh MY, Nature produced this elegant, infinite, elastic lichen ladder on a walk

 A portrait of time passing is mostly holes.  How could we ever make some art even half as sweet as that?

or this?
 To counteract the art deficits, Art Ranger's job is to appreciate the ragged edge of artfulness, of bent dented, dried out or hand-wrought, retrofit and lived through surfaces; perhaps using oodles of glue:
At the upscale mall:  Custom Van with red door and broken coffee cup - 
  Right off the bat, we wanna hear (or imagine) the life story here
(before "security" arrives).

Hey, how is your ecosystem doing? Are your blossoms confused?
DIY non-skid ramp witnessed by #1 Son.  Have we finally made an impression?
Please shed a light and share it here:

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  1. Love the lichen, love you! I'd say you've made quite an impression!