Friday, May 20, 2016

Found Art Friday #203

Dear Ones,
We never used those hashtags before, now it just crept in the way all of a sudden people started piercing themselves in a lot more places.     What we're about here is Art or art that you did not set out to find: art that presented itself in a serendipitous moment or a mundane one, like where a fly might land.
Place on Abdomen during Breathing Lessons
Today we continue with the series: Moments in the World of Commerce:
Sing the Song of Seeing Double. Souls for sale. Sale on Souls. Sail on too.
 Never tuned in to the Pope vs Johnny Carson slight resembling until a recent trip to the pharmacy.

Pope John Paul seems soooo last century, whereas Johnny Carson is still the formula, he's still got it. We laugh tonight with guys behind desks wearing ties with mugs bearing their names. Besides Samantha Bee.
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This is the Art Ranger's neighborhood. It's actually where's she's at: we are obliged to bow in gratitude and to share the bovine backdrop moment:
Rusty the Cow's backscratcher - we feel a sculpture coming on
We're by a pond - filled with water for the first time in four years.  End of April, we observed at least twenty ducklings, unphotograb able.  By now there are maybe 13 of them left.
Found in Room of Offspring.

Gosh, love how the nest is drawn. Just some hashtag hashtag hashtags. Here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, we thrive on your presence on your point of the planet. Please do send us something you noticed for a little longer than the next thing:

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