Friday, October 7, 2016

Found Art Friday 208

Dear ones,
Here we are past the cusp and zipping in to a new zodiac sign.  Where have we been?  Back to the (Not) Future, but the Homeland, grappling with the Motherlode; where we found these from 1962:
Would you care for Black and Red or Red and Black?

We sure do share our picture taking with others now
The gal is so sketchy here.  She's changed a lot.  Now a she is running for President and she doesn't have a bonnet.  Please help us survive one more month of this messy episode of our made-for-TV-movie country. 
 Newly accurate Emoji by sister,  Cara Hallock
We thought we were accomplished with the non-sequitor in conversation until we connected with the TSA agent at our small home airport wearing a nonwoman filling uniform:  after staring at our documents she said, "I ate a gherkin pickle today" .  "Okay then" and on through the conveyance machines we went with all the other little sausage links, but left wondering....
We actually saw this item in our recent travels.  It made that rickety jiggley noise even sitting idle.  We want to not feel like this machine looks.
As you know, the Art Ranger's gig thrives upon the random contributions of others:
Such as this "Track of Glack" witnessed by Richard Anthony on the job
Many a beautiful painting exists, which there is no reason to paint, only to be and to see.
Your spaceship still runs - the anagram or push-me-pull-you of the vehicle world
Hope your week contains something tasty or surprising.  Please send evidence to:

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