Saturday, December 17, 2016

Found Art Friday 217

Dear ones,
 As we close our seventh year in the saddle here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, we welcome your contributions of visual wonderment or inexplicable passing moments, such as this one from Diane Gage:
Dismayed poet admits to not understanding this at all
Thank goodness WE LOVE.  While we were out looking for something to be glad about, we settled on the variety of carrots available today:
Compared to when we were twelve years old
On its way to becoming a component of the "mire poix" for the bean dish, soon to be absorbed dutifully into flavor (along with celery, onion, garlic).  Mire poix translation could be see the weight, therefore the ballast of your soup.

Another thing to be visually glad about this week was our special conversation with Arte Mendoza about his vehicle.  From the Phillipines, Mr. Mendoza explained pridefully all the customization and special mounts, as well as the green-edged hole for "air condition" so "no wind no come BAM you to street".

 Especially fond of the pink steering wheel cover in these not soft or fuzzy times.

Go Arte!  We would also like to buy a popsicle now, but that is not his gig.

 Back to our discussion of vegetables and visuals:
Custom print by portabella mushroom packaging
Every (moist) year in the same place.
 Sculpture is about Proportion.

Has anything of note reached out to you lately from the universe of surprises?  If so, please let the Art Ranger know:, and she will try to weave it in to her macrame.

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