Friday, January 13, 2017

Found Art Friday 219

Dear ones,
Well here we are anew, and now beginning our seventh season here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration.  Life persists despite the unmentionable nightmare and the gaggle of new puppets under his gas.  As we wake up to the fact that we have taken our democracy for granted all this time, we are wondering what all to pledge allegiance to now?  Must Assume Warrior pose while pondering. 
What keeps us roving here at The Art Ranger's desk, are your contributions to this curation and percolation of daily events.  For example, this number sussed out on a walk by Friend in The Bay Area:
"What appears to be gilded poop"  

Hmmm - gilded poop.  We can't help but think of our soon to be "leader" (not our president of anything but narcissism). We refuse to feed him.
As opposed to Real Poop - witnessed today on bicycle ride
We are from a different century, while trying to understand, to wrap the digits around. We are turning off more and more things (besides LED lights).

Again, community contributions make our day and now other people's day: such as this series from Richard Anthony visiting his mother:
(this must be the sweet spot)

"Feeling grateful for the treasures off old Route 28, and the TV and 'Fridge cemetery at the dump".
Speaking of mothers .....

Art Ranger was recently home on the range where we sought to witness this:
Mother Smile
Art Ranger peers into her crystal ball and sees a huge motherlode moving project ahead and we do not know how this might affect our postings at Homeland Inspiration, the content or the regularity thereof.
the gentle edge   -   of something

Next Friday, we will be seriously out on the (domestic) range reporting on The Womens March in Washington, DC. And we'll get back to you on that!
Peace and Love in 2017 - wherever you can find it!
So Sincerely,
Art Ranger re-booting for her blogosphere.

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