Friday, March 10, 2017

The National Sanity Administration

Owl Pellet on brass plate in childhood dresser  - we haven't changed much
Surprises from navigating the motherlode

Dear ones,
We are starting a new government agency to go along with the Department of Homeland Inspiration which is:  The National Sanity Administration just by reading this sentence you are pre-qualified for this collective endeavor. 
Collage -lite  - found in studio pile: 2014?
Back to the (found art):  here is a collection of images pulled off Facebook (wait-a-minute - how did this get such big a grip/ bite on consciousness?  These selections are borrowed from stellar people whom have never met but whose images assembled themselves on Art Ranger's desktop, which is often used as a palette we dip our brush into:
Because of X Y and Z,  Robin Brailsford's eyeful
found by Julie Regan, professor and friend, somewhere near the foot of the Himalayas, tourguide of the spiritu

And from the neighborhood,  Susan Needleman's sunrise - so very painterly and atmospheric

Please send us your huddled and tired masses of images some day and we will admire them together with others.  Even though there are so many ways to already do that, "found art" is a peculiar slice:  
Sincerely Best and Cheers too, 
Art Ranger

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