Friday, February 2, 2018

Found Art Friday 246

Dear Ones,
Have you gotten to the end of your rope and made it back?
Thank heaven for celestial events that can take us out of our shallows and allow us to lean in to the navel of the moon instead.  Great big and yet far away, how otherwordly it looked from nearly anywhere, like imperfect fruit hung up for gods that they show us once and a while.
Jim Lindenthal captures super moon using "birding rig"
Heirloom Squash back at ya response to moon

Now most of you who visit the Department of Homeland Inspiration, or who live by the same principles, know that the Art Ranger relishes the Why? of this image spotting vocation and service.
As we stroll one street off the main drag,  here it is all alone in a tall dark empty nameless storefront:
and even stranger that it seems to be a plastic replica of an old thing
 We are trying to shift focus and not get ground up in its beef, or fibrillated by the information debris trail. 
Each day so jaw dropping that there are now dents in our floor and bloodied tongues as the misguided missile clowncar careens across the blessed earth.
An exercise in looking at shit, acknowledging it and moving on  - without engaging with it
Have a stellar week, and we hope you may enjoy the random encounter with visual chatter.


  1. I think you engaged - on some level...

  2. Most definitely - and we roll on by as opposed to through ...