Saturday, September 15, 2018

Found Art Friday 261

Dear ones,
The Department of Homeland Inspiration begins now our eighth year of service and your participation is greatly appreciated.   See - we are trying to stave off the  Pre-Exhausted Conditions with attentiveness to living, aren't you?
Our goal, to highlight random small surprises that seem artful, is quite often intersected by the ((news)) of the surround:
A Hurricane, like never before,  also incidently functions like a metaphor for .....,

a meta stat attack       a sort of vortex     puppet tear
competitive business   swept with gravity
off its rocker

 In fact, it's Riveting

uncharted territory, they say
(Recycled drawings on recycled paper)

Meanwhile in California
Climate Refugees - birds patiently painting themselves in shrinking pond ......waiting for food to move.
 Used to be 2 to 3 birds patrolling this pond.  One day we counted eleven. Do you ebird? Or crowdsource?

Open Road Series by Gentleman Jeff while riding his two-wheeler

Have a great autumn equinox lead in week.  And may your road indeed be open.
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