Saturday, January 5, 2019

Found Art Friday 290

Dear ones,
Welcome to The Department of Homeland Inspiration Why count?  asks the Art Ranger beginning her eighth year at this post publishing "platform". Perhaps, by now, looking for art to manifest in everyday life is a place in your head too? and if you're new, what on earth would make you come back?  Our job is to be a reporter and a sorter of images.  Not Insta but moderate contemplation instead, juxtapositions galore. Counting is hard to stop doing once you get started, as is -watching-the-news -  even though refrain from this would be good for our health, so gripping the drama though.  News watching is the new smoking, a veritable hole in the gut burner even if you are on the lucky end of the stinks.

forgotten page

  For this first post of 2019, we begin a new series called Re-purposed Art Works  - heck these creations (seen by so few) need recycling, cradle-to-cradle fashion like anything else in this crowded tilted world.  Originally from a five year old collaboration on Fracking, today we re-use and re-name a few portraits. Apply sketches to today's spray of creepy grifters, predatory puppets, and (racist rapists) all quite related by pockets sewn together with the resource suckers and serial polluters of the Frack Age.
 from the work "Sea to Shining Sea" sculptural treatments of US Mexico Border yah right

 make a (wall) on a river, for instance
........and crowned thy good with "brotherhood" from Sea to Shining Sea
formerly a character named High Fructose, today, Acting AG Matt Whitaker, or any number of very big babies
Formerly named Viagra Gene:  now Secretary of the Interior, head of the EPA below, or some ass wearing a hat

Puppet of Homeland Security; "I do not recall"  Darling, You know the type

We certainly hope that your sense of humor is still in tact and that you have plans for a sanity filled 2019.  Take pictures, we know you can't help it.  And we get tired of ourselves, don't you? so please share a few with Art Ranger here: 

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