Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicken Artitexture II

Ok dear blogger, and all you blogophiles and barely bloggy ones .. in order for Art Ranger to be able "to blog" and computerize all this, she must intermittently get out of chair and go build something with her hands!
Why chickens are my best clients ever, Part II
Coop Expansion = Assignment for Department of Homeland Inspiration environs:

1) In order to build housing for them this time, you have to actually measure your chickens with tape measure and get chickenprints on the table your mother gave you. Chickens cause you to go back to your design essence "scratch" and get direct with the function junction. Like how tall are they? How big should the doorway be? How not to be eaten by Rocky Racoon.
2) Chickens remind you to use what you have: do not (for us) go to the hardware store again! Find a way to use what's already in the garage in the little clear drawers that came with the house. In fact, Incorporate Waste! into the design whenever possible. Soon anyway there will be waste stuck to the design pretty much everywhere. Premier moment of the "Peace meal" four week long steady-as-she-goes project, was to be able to make a doorknob out of the "waste" from the hole saw for perch mount and to make the handle of the egg door out of cut-out shapes from nestbox.
3) And because you are working for ones as honest as chickens, who bathe in dirt, you can comfortably say "it's not quite perfect over here" and still feel fine about it. And because you're not worrying too much about whether it was perfect, it can actually be more perfect than a lot of other things you in your life have tried to make.
4) And lastly, with Chickens as a Sustainability Study, the Art Ranger is, after nine months as chicken care-giver, really beginning to be impressed with the chickens sense of rhythm. How they move their heads and legs in 6/8 time as they scratch the earth. How they decide when and when not to lay an egg. How they work with the sun and moon.

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