Friday, February 26, 2010

Found Art Friday 6

Dear Blogorific folk
who actually came back for a visit or welcomed a new thought. Today on Found Art Friday we have 1) Our thirteen year old really knows how to pluck something out of a fast moving space - such as a bike race. 2) Our eleven year old knows how to notice that his lollypop (saved up from valentines day) is smiling at him and to do something about it.

After that, things got decidedly vegetal and organic:

3) Thanks to Nom de Plume and her healthy eating clan

4) Who recognizes this retired public official(his real glasses and lips)? soon to be starring in a Tiny Movie here at HomelandInspiration studios

5) Thanks Aunt Madge - breathe deep! And check out her link, Mamasbelly column right.

6) Portrait of a new Local journalist, Lettuce Pray: specializing in images and juxtapositions specific to the "Pastures of Heaven", Salinas, California region.

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