Friday, August 27, 2010

Found Art Friday 20

(Anti-vertigo Glasses)
Welcome To Found Art Friday! At The Department of Homeland Inspiration, we're back after the Replenishment.  Are you feeling well-balanced?  It's hecka special still to sharpen some new pencils and have a lunchbox that doesn't smell like last week's apples.  I'm sorry folks, but pencils should be that yellow pencil yellow.

Offerings from the field:
"Sidewalk" Esquire Anonymous
Fogwebs in Maine (plus an apparition?):  Jim Lindenthal
Only an 8 day Salmon fishing Season!  Appreciated by Grillmaster Jeff
 Baseball at Dusk from Sonya Devine

See you next week and may your world sift together along with some specks of beauty to share:

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