Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Manifesto of the Month

Apple Core, by Claes Oldenburg

In the multi-tentacled world of art practice and study, manifestos written by artists are something we can enjoy chewing on as organizing principles, historical documents, or thinking starter fluid. Here is a manifesto we have been inspired by recently re-visiting:
Claus Oldenburg, 1961

Miniature Soft Drum Set, by Oldenberg

In order to "teach" sculpture, Art Ranger's must stir up and bake her own manifesto constantly.  She begins by launching into a riff on "man the tool builder", as a primary step in human evolution contributing toward the creation of a myriad of three-dimensional objects.  Then wondering where utility branches into "art", and where art can still "function" in daily life.

Chimp Sticks (as opposed to chopsticks) used to forage termites, etc.

(with skill and determination)
Chimp using a found, made, or discovered "cleaver" for breaking up food into smaller, more bite sized pieces.  Evidently, there are several culinary tools that are of fairly recent origin for the chimp set.

This moment of invention, of animal inspiration, having some thread in common with the human art making urge.  Can you make this leap of faith with us ?

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