Friday, September 10, 2010

Found Art Friday 21

Well, welcome to The Department of Homeland Inspiration.  Today's fresh produce:

kosmic Sisters, Separated at Birth, discovered by Gary Ghirardi while residing in Venezuela
which led to Food Display in Japan
Found by Esquire Anonymous
 Yes, it makes Ranger feel even more fulfilled about her electronic activities to borrow from a blog dedicated to abandoned shoes and other random items displaced in space.
Add caption, it says       
And Betty Radish shares her pet marine phytoplankton, diatom chains
You can begin to wring your hands about how there is more plastic than plankton now but at least we have these lovely images for our civilization scrapbook which make Ranger believe that all jewelry should be canceled for the love of plankton.

 Have a grand week and we mustn't be weak about it.

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