Friday, September 17, 2010

Found Art Friday 22

"Abso-cluckin-lutely on the photo!  Love that....and, isn't it technically a rooster?!"
From Richard Piscuskas from "You never know what you gonna see in L.A."
Well That's just right up our alley - except it seems to be out front, even

And this doesn't happen very often, but we have Andrea Villa in San Diego who saved up a series of FAF that just must be seen in one sitting or one fell swoop, as a super seeing of signage: 

OKAY  -  Watchout - not for the weak of gut now - the last picture is submitted by my fine spouse who has been doing more home chores to cover for Art Ranger's artistic contusion caused by Sunday's bicycle-collision-with-dog-event.
"OH MY WORD!" said today's white lab coat named Dr. Son
 Thank the great spirit we've been eating our broccoli because it looks like the ole bones held up.
Please savor the simple treat of walking while noticing.


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  2. I think the Doc about covered it.... Feel better!