Friday, December 17, 2010

Found Art Friday 34

Well, here are this weeks' sharings:

"Neat Jelly" found by Jim Lindenthal 
(which Art Ranger thinks is ballet that surpasses Nutcracker Suites)

And these two by Bonnie Hotz, who knows when not to abandon her gloves 

And Ode to Fungi!  (I'm afraid the Ranger has a new series brewing).  How are the spores of your environs moistening? Please document!

Things we find in our 12 yr old son's room:

Evidently this is one is called: "Intense Female Worm"


Sing praises and look for an animation program.

Have a great week in which some art squeaks past the packing tape that tries to beat you up 
and the holiday pleasing pressure that ridiculously furrows your brow

1 comment:

  1. Oh NO, I'm a funky fungi!

    I enjoyed all the drawings. Great teeth on the first one - a shoulder with teeth! I absolutely LOVE the "Intense Female Worm". That's a gift.
    Maya won a copy of anime studio 6 - it's mac compatible. We'll share if there is interest.
    And lastly, tonight I'm getting my lift from San gria and a Joe made Vietnamese meal - hope you're getting a high!