Friday, December 10, 2010

Found art Friday 33

Well well welcome to Found Art Friday's late night (in fact after the x-mas party).  What we have here is an offering from Robin Brailsford in Dulzura, California.

"See Snakelike" said she:

Which happened to coincide with a severe household infrastructure problem called leaking gas line.
Snakelike finally after several days of no heat or hot water.  Replace the whole dang ting.

Quote from 14 yr old child:   "This is bullshit!  If I can't take a shower I'm going to stay home all day and play video games because that is what people with bad hygiene do."  
(Ooopsy Daisy, FAF got hijacked by circumstances - a lot to sift through.  A lot to do ourselves.)

Well, yes, art rangering is always there, and even more absurd to take time for under infrastructural duress.  Plumbers love this saying:  "when it rains it pours". 

A very naughty part unearthed and eaten after only 2 and 1/2 years underground
Let's hear it for plastic!  - uh - if it manages to be a nice new uncorosive underground gas line for our nest.
Hoping to button things up and change the voodoo soon.   Breathe deep, and reach for cookies.

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