Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saga of the Squashed abandoned Glove Continued

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the continuation of the saga,
Episode two or three (Of The Squashed abandoned glove). Little did we know, that current events would bring us this episode, in one fell swoop:

Hand cut from The Sunday New York Times.  (Can you believe that the paper is now owned by that uber-rich Mexican guy?)

Extra Extra Read all about it! 
Okay, It's not really abandoned, It's stolen.  Which lends itself much better to a story arc.  Or operetta.

A squashed abandoned, stolen and "royal" glove.  Personally, the Ranger enjoys the handwriting almost as much as "the remains of the glove".  But most of all, the color is what we approve of.  The patina, even.

Nearby was found this part of Richard II :

which is quite opposite a glove that is an exoskeletal accessory, an added layer of skin.
Something else we've tried to distinguish ourselves from the apes. 
Let's "Get a Grip" okay.
This decade is almost over!
To review a previous Episode of "The Squashed Abandoned Glove
S is for Sunday Reading

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