Friday, November 12, 2010

Found Art Friday #30

Dear Blogobuffs
Wow, here we are again and today, as is often the case, the Ranger has to wonder if "a post" will even happen or even should happen, and then the good luck of being away from her electronics all day brings forth the offerings:

Park Bench Mickey from Gary Ghirardi living in Caracas, Venezuela
 Poignant, and yet ....  Ranger focuses on how different the slats of a bench look from there. Please check out Gary's blog.  As in, the "truth" may set us free even if we are held hostage by the political constipation of reality.

Two images from Aunt Madge, our home town hero:  a girl who can regularly make us laugh so hard we cry, or at least stretch our face and djiggle our ribcages to creative disrepair.
Some cool downtown Denver art cable bridge thingys:

 And Thanks to Rhiana in San Diego:  waves roll in my thoughts
You so got both the big and the tiny goin on there girrll !!!
Art Ranger is glad about her neighborhood, that it can have this sort of mishap:

though i really hope that one horn Abby was just hiding somewhere.

And lastly, how or why or when we came upon the following contraption?
We knowest not, but must share it with you briefly before flushing this from consciousness forever.
  Warning:  Do not let your pet see this image!

Only in America?

PEACE AND LOVE.  Have a stupendous week.

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