Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You are Starting to see all that Stuff

Now the Ranger had to go in the CVS drugstore recently and was jaggedly assaulted by crackly cellophaney re-shelving activities in preparation for the holidays shshsh.  Just today, the mother Phoebe reminded us of the year that she was carrying such a burdensome amount of catalogs from her mailbox that she dropped a few and proceeded to slip on the slippery things and fell right down in front of her own home.

A strange 28 second movie arrives which includes a secret pre good luck wish for all of us as the frenzy of the season begins to simmer.  All tinselish with drummerboy music and bags and bags of pre-staled bread for someone's stuffing.  Let's calm the mind and help some girls and boys in Africa get beehives to start a business with instead.  It's okay to run out of "skotch tape" in the middle of the night.

See you Friday.  "Got Art" in your sights?

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