Friday, November 26, 2010

Found Art Friday 32

Dear Blogoriffs,
Today is a 32nd week of amassing some found art for us to share. Thanks for the thankfulness of the digital daze, promoting giving of the sort that comes in to the mailbox.

From Bonnie Hotz who must be betwixt and between this week           

And here are two from Jim Lindenthal
Who knows where nature and culture might co-exist

Hmm - Either a wedding or a funeral.

And a friend in Oakland brings us these:
"Face cup on tree" is indeed ready to learn.

and some "natural graffitini"which could be due to a little scrubbing of the air?
Indeed, the Art Ranger enjoys the subset of images now called "graffitini"

Have an excellent week that again squeaks by, and may contain or maintain a grain of an art moment in it.

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