Friday, February 11, 2011

Found Art 41

Here it already is.
First, a triplicate from Jim Lindenthal: Check out Jim's regular blog right here.  Great for birders and photography folks alike.

Sometimes Jim finds human birds, such as:  "Monday in Monterey"
and his mascot, Happy Crappy


You won't believe what happened next.  The chore of going to a doctor led the Ranger to see something like this:

Which led to the thought, as a babyboomer:  We've got to do better than this, people!

Which gave birth to this:

and this and even this:

And for seating:

fancy design outfit, whose name I forgot to note
One last thing:  we accidently ended up with this in our wallet:

T A R P funds perchance.

Have a reduce re-use re-new type of peace week?

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