Friday, February 4, 2011

Found Art Friday 40

Here we are my friends.  You found the Art and we, the Ranger, compile it on Fridays.  So how is it that some artists can find things in the world look like their own stuff?
Two images from Aunt Madge in Colorado that remind us of what she might make:
What shall we name this vehicular composting mineral exchange?  Bessie, Francis, Omar?  What this lovely lump of "human vs. nature" conjures to the Art Ranger is the irrepressible process of "patina".  How surfaces evolve over time and exposure to elements, versus the purposefully applied "art" patina, versus the accidental chemically stressed patina. The word patina in our etymological dictionary: Incrustation on old bronze. Is adapted from French "patiner", to skate. 

it's for sale
This final image, from Susan Needleman: Morning Has Broken 
takes patina to its ephemeral ode, changing over time  yes
sky can tell a hunk of metal a thing or two about color
Have a fruitiful week.


  1. I like the old car, maybe a Pontiac. Corrosion happens as I know.

  2. yes corrosion. Let it weep sometimes. Let it change back to earth