Friday, March 11, 2011

Found Art Friday 44

 We're all awash with the images of the BIG MOTHER earth shift with reminder of what tiny ragdoll humans we are.

Nonetheless, we do our jobs.  You know it's okay with the Ranger if the art isn't found on Friday: tiny art big art hearty art accidental art hot art not art.  You name it.  Photography the messenger.  They tell us it is a digitized digitization of a digital file, all compressed and uploaded.  Yet still lookable sortable thinkable.  Digits are also fingers. You have to do something about it.
More Grafitini from Friend in the Bay Area,  (a previous FAF image) now gets archaeological and reveals its Huey Newton* moniker under the shifting flotsam on the side of a garage.
Even after re-reading the great Susan Sontag's essays "On Photography" from the 1970's, what simply stokes the Ranger fire is this:  that moment inbetween what you saw, and what you actually get.  Some mystery left.  How or if we frame it.  Con text, or with the stories.  Other moments are noted by how unphotographable they are, such as a far off tree we can see from the bedroom.  How the clouds scratched with pink contrail have already changed too much to photograph by the time you find your apparatus.
A photo never finds the whole  -  disposition of this tree on its hill 

A warm welcome to Cam the camera, a new "point-and-shoot" that will accompany the Art Ranger's point of view.  Yah mom you need your own camera for all that random stuff you take pictures of.
Such as crinkled ultra-violet indecision

And from Susan Needleman's album Frozen Things This Morning: Ducks skating
 Anony Mouse brings a

 Friday Errand (held in words)
Holes in the knees is talking to his no phone self again
Surrounded by yellow yellow flowers that are not dandelions
An angular man in a folding chair waters his lawn
Santa is off work with a bright orange hat, reading at the bus stop
Someone's tooth is un naturally white

* Huey P. Newton was the urban activist who co-founded the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in Oakland, California.  He Brought us Power to the People and Politics is war without bloodshed. War is politics with bloodshed ....

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