Friday, March 18, 2011

Found Art Friday 45

Today's Found Art Friday is dedicated to our youngest offspring, one who can (at time of this writing) get just as delighted as his mother at the poignant sight of an abandoned orthopedic shoe left in a tidy asphalt parking lot and try to help photograph it. 
It's "found", in that the pieces emerged from amidst our son's school work.  While being a 6th grader equipped with pens and paper, the boy has created many drawn characters that repeat and vary.  He especially likes to draw during science class*.  Random Mother sees the characters evolve when she opens the binder.  She might learn something during a car ride and write it down on a postit note.  Over a few months time, we are building this story:
The Alien fell down to earth by accident while he was learning to drive or something:

Luckily, the mayor of the town where he landed has agreed to take the alien in. The mayor treats him like a king.  The mayor wears a suit to bed, a suit to breakfast and a suit to everywhere and he has two other children and a wife, a big dog, and a little kitten.  Although the mayor is wealthy, the alien doesn't need anything but occasional food, water, liquid carnival food injections, two pairs of shorts, and two shirts.
 "What does the alien do all day?" He goes to school.  Everybody loves him and wants to sit next to him and give him their school lunch desserts.  He hangs out. The Random Mother imagines playing ping pong with him in the mayor's basement.
Evidently, the alien has a petting booth (for just his head) in the local carnival, which is why he wears this special T-shirt.  One day, a little boy gave him some some balloons because the texture of his head was so magnificent, but the alien floated away from being so light, and had fun up there, almost reached heaven. But somehow he had to come down, so he popped the balloons on a bird's beak (shown below) then fell down to Earth, and wasn't harmed.
And he's not dancing, he just is. He does that when everything's cool.
Yes, the alien can change color according to moods and feelings.

He can also place thoughts in other people's heads and read people's minds.

Maybe the human foods are getting to him though.  For weeks, there was a hat squashed in the middle of a busy intersection.  One day, the hat was finally gone.  "My alien ate it" said the boy.  We decided that it must have been very chewy.

*The offspring and the alien are both doing very well in science class.

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