Friday, May 20, 2011

Found Art Friday 53

Hark the visual collection of this day arrives:
"Sphinx Moth Caterpiller feasting on Clarkia" from Diane Gage in San Diego
would not strut its stuff so well if it were not so vertical amongst the purplishes.
We were thinking ..... That Shipped Sailed!   but instead said ...... Keep on Truckin'
La Pieta - or Man with Art by H. David Wagner of Santa Cruz
Thrifty triumph of the week:  broom repair by high tensile bike spoke piercing event.
Union City, California
"Pebbles" attends the CSUMB Visual Arts graduation.
"Mitch" after two strokes and a cerebral hemmorage who was accidently blocking the parking lot exit and allowed us to take his picture while telling parts of his life story.  Mitch is proud of his rig.  
"Isn't it neat?" said he.

Until we meet again.

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