Friday, May 27, 2011

Found Art Friday 54

Dear Visitors,
To the Department of Homeland Today's Found "art" Friday arrives as follows. Soon we'll have to re-introduce and refine this coagulation of Found Art Bloggering because a local newspaper owned by USA today would like to "pick it up".
Art Ranger has been doing her appointed job of watching out for art and ART (that is out there (and in there) and over there).  And you fine citizens and friends are looking out for the art that may define or slice or bestill a moment as well. Maintaining that creative expression can arrive unexpectedly or on purpose.  That it is useful to hone the right to observe closely during our daily lives.  And that digital photography is a transference of imagery still finding its way.
Layers: from Bonnie Hotz
Why paint when you can subtract instead? Another patina.
also from Bonnie:  Arlo and Bailey chill after the ride. Let us now praise the canine kind for their reminding us to seek out some "joie de vivre".
Mrs. Thimble is reminded how hard nature works for a living.

Charlie is overwhelmed with paperwork.  Charlie is trying to get help from FEMA.
Education Reform

And "God Bless Venice" witnessed by Richard Piscuskas in Los Angeles.
Have a do it! week. Until we meet again.

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