Friday, June 24, 2011

Found Art Friday 57

Welcome to Found Art Friday where we gather to share some visuals of momentary appreciation.
Hereby witnessed by Bonnie Hotz in Salinas while maintaining the rose bush  -   blindly singing for our supper or hungering for love?  A literal representation of parenting. 
Differently fuzzy and pink from Aunt Madge in Colorado: "Hatching poppy or ((inspiring dinner jacket design)). There was a roving Mariachi band at the nursery today so she brought a frothy blender drink and her AstroTurf tennis shoes.  (The whole enchilada is working for us).  Speaking of dinner jackets:
And speaking of Los Angeles, in come three beauties from Art Brother, Richard Piscuscas:
L'ego Love
Lighting the Way
and "Half Tub on the Rocks"
Have a savoring of summer week.

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