Friday, January 18, 2013

Found Art Friday 109

Dear Blogosports,
We're back, after chewing the fat on Lance Armstrong and rendering it.  The artist has to stop to draw things or take their picture in order to try to understand them. To keep moving.
"Displaced Debris" by Julian Granier in San Diego.  Julian also tells riveting and elaborate stories in person. He knows how to witness things, then relay them.  Elegant, this one.
5:01 in La Jolla, also Julian's
You can forget we're on earth for a second.  Are you sure that is not your laser pen Julian?
Just a spoonful of sunset please.

Now some recent images from Jim Lindenthal, often our bird specialist based in Pacific Grove:
Yellow Rumped Warbler. (Oh the eyes).
We are glad about the play of colors on bird and lichen and the actual lack of yellow rump. Bird names are treasures.
Now how is it that one image can just instantly go click and remind you of another image stored in your head? 
Such as Jim's Snowy Egret
Which immediately takes Art Ranger to this:  
 They just go together.  Words can't do that exactly.

One more from Jim, now a series of ... backs of birds?, flexible necks, birds from odd angles
Have a fruitful week and don't hesitate to be slightly moved by what's right over there. Varied images very welcome at

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