Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome, New Year

Dear Friends and Blogosorts,
Well here we are beginning an new odd year.  Welcome to the Department of Homeland Inspiration, a place where we collect, sort and make note of images in everyday life, where the art may unfold right past our nose.  A few days ago, on an adventure in Sonoma County, the Art Ranger was idling in a parking lot while her boys went inside to buy fishing worms. 
She saw this one out of the corner of her eye.  (Hey wait a minute, eyes are these oval things so how'd they get corners?)
a different sort of parking meter
 living right next to this,

(which suggests that F   ing half-heartedly is probably to be avoided).
Art Ranger has always admired the structures of cacti revealed after the green is gone.  So many uses. Next, thing you know, the parkinglot Opuntia cactus display triggers a whole side appreciation of the loofa sponge.
From the same plant, comes the prickly pear fruit jam and its outrageously lovely color.
The protective spikes can be understood. Very interesting idea:

Back to the service of art, we deliberate about the light and the angle when we take or choose a picture. You want your heart to be a window or an eye, why not. And the background matters.
Simultaneously, the deliberate scarring of plants as a form of expression.  All those grafitti's upon nature, tatoos made with a knife or a stick, dug into the epidermus of a plant, making it grow up differently.  People like to make their little mark.
someone feels less, and doesn't yet equal
there is math in love
you try to add to it
Please feel free, during this 2013 year to send images of your Homeland Inspiration to us at
Sali go bye bye


  1. Thanks for your images Melissa.
    Wish I'd taken my camera out of it's hiding place to shoot the tiny, tiny cacti scattered in interesting shot glasses and other containers scattered around the room we crashed in a few nights ago...Picked in the desert, brought back to Truckee to live through the snow and thriving!
    Happy 2013 to you and your fam!