Friday, March 8, 2013

Found art Friday 115

Dear ones,
Today our (found art) (meditation on contemporary life) starts with a headline in today's paper: 
Intern on phone just before fatal lion attack

 "the 550 pound lion broke the girl's neck with an apparent swipe of the paw"

Art Ranger feels that the lioness has intuited our cultural obsession with being occupied by a strange absorptive rectangle that distracts us from who we are actually with in the present moment.  Lioness just wanted her actual love and her actual food and accidently over-expressed her 550 lb self.

Examples of what alarms this lioness:
thumb disease - we're going to invest now in thumb replacement technologies
or Doodle ( i can't believe this) Jump
?? why do boys find this relaxing??

Speaking of Lions, this brings us to a favorite book from childhood, the story of Dandilion by Don Freeman.  This lion goes to the hairdresser to try to pretty up his mane and get all fashionable for a party. Turns out that the hostess (a giraffe) didn't even recognize him and slammed the door in his face.  Luckily, a terrible storm came to rain ruin upon his hairdoo, everyone came to their senses and original selves and lived, you know, happily ever after .....
Well, this is getting to be a "totally random" blog, so we'll quickly sign off with this:

So let's not over think it.  Please feed our mailbox with your images and observations here:

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