Friday, March 22, 2013

Found Art Friday 117

Hello you on the sphere,
 Today's found art begins with the inbox:
Contribution from Esquire Anonymous on a trip to Boston
Just when you've stopped reporting about all the squashed abandoned gloves, they again find themselves universally orphaned: : find out about Mags Harries, the artist who celebrated this phenomenon in a public art way.

The rest of today's selections will now be hijacked by the Cephalopods that the Art Ranger is researching for a project wherein we decide how to interpret a squid in metal.  Before we can do any of that, we must obsess on these creatures for a stretch:
Another one from Jim Lindenthal, who captured the mysterious giant squid invasion in Pacific Grove
Brooding Squid - yes that's her opulent egg sac
Baby squid
This is the internet okay - Pig squid?  I dunno, science or invention? It lived on her desktop all week and now you are seeing it.
Finally the desire to touch overcomes, and she goes to the fish market where she inadvertently buys too many squid for just $1.50 a pound. Some of them drip ink in the squiggly bag. When you clean them, something like a clear plastic pen comes out.  With all those tentacles "modified from the primitive molluscan foot" navigating the world, and those rows of detailed suction cups moving fluidly through the medium, we are charmed and grossed out by these creatures. 
From someone's squid stomach dissection, noting the razor sharp teeth on the inside of each little suction cup
Puts it all in perspective, doesn't it. Send something digested? or not to:

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