Friday, April 12, 2013

Found Art Friday 119

Dear Ones,
What anyway is the purpose of counting? Being "interiorly compelled" by the service of finding art in unexpected ways and places. Counting has the veneer of cohesion.  Pretty soon though you are owned by Google. You've blogged for this long, and have woven a technological patchwork quilt and would like the accumulated effort heaped all in one place.  We see how voracious "the cloud" is now.  Normally you put eggs in more baskets.  Now, with the prevalence and distraction of the mobile device and its magnetic suction, diffusion and dilution of concentration, what is place, what is person? 
By around 1976 you had had enough.  You couldn't bear to hear "Have a nice day" one more time. But by the time you saw it in a parking lot in Watsonville, California in 2012,  you had made peace with seeing it again.
It's all about the color scheme.

You imagine names for them all like country western music stars ....... That certain camerabody smell.
witnessed in Downtown Salinas

witnessed in Art Ranger's front yard

same walk, different day
Today's found lings (due to community mail box being rather sparse) are made up of eye toward our iphone offerings of late. Because it can just sneakily be present when your camera is not.
Vole death proudly accomplished by dog, Bailey
(Circus clowns, please take nose notes)
The Saddle in Spring.  Secret Mood patching intervention.
Send observations to FAF@homeland  We are looking for flocks of birds.  How do they stick together while flying about, flexing those shapes in the air?

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