Friday, April 19, 2013

Found Art Friday 120

Well friends, since we have had some awful sickening surprises in our country this week, our wish is to take minds off of tragedy and speak of some plain simple sweet surprises instead. Image presents.
  Today's found art launches with this one:
APPARTION from Diane Gage in San Diego: "no sacred instructions as of yet"
It is very satisfying for the Art Ranger/ Artist At Large to have enough people following the blog so as to enter the dialog, furthering the subjects at hand.  Apparitions linking to the recent post featuring "the little lady" who founded the healing grotto at Lourdes and instructed St Bernadette to eat grass at the sacred location where the water begins.
Also this week arrives this:
"Foreground Background" sent by Julie Regan somewhere in New Jersey
It gets easy,  as one adds up the decades, to put childhood in the distance; but it will always be our foreground background.

Now we are going to switch gears and attempt to tell you about our evening in Big Sur:
All love needs ventilation
Outside truly special Cafe Nepenthe
Man cycling by the concert Will Call line along HW 1 with his companion, "Tweety". Note Tweety's perching options mounted on handlebars. Note venue security not exactly but almost harassing this friendly character who said, no, you are not searching through my bags.
Once upon the Henry Miller Library grounds, we were swept up by the moment as well as the history, as well as the freezing damp ocean air.
Sitting near the speakers made the artist wish to crawl away from the quaint array of Mexican blankets on the lawn for self-preservation; she feared that all bodily fluid sacs might burst with the intensity.

Jack Keroac may have been floating around somewhere.
It was unforgettable, yet she doesn't really remember the music of Grizzly Bear.  Would a soft thing speak louder? 

In case you are a wood worker, amazingly amazing:
And finally, we listened to a radio program about Space Weather and became enamored with the thought of it. Wishing to start life over and be in a band named Space Weather. We also discovered that there is a community of space weather enthusiasts who post in real time from all over the world.
"Solar Prominence" by Sergio Castillo, random internet person who somehow can take pictures of sunspots, sun blackheads and the like.
 Prominences, filaments 
and other examples of matter under extreme conditions.
When you need a break from ole earth, try the sun
 Peaces of love.
 See found any art lately?

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