Friday, May 17, 2013

Found Art Friday 123

Dear blogos,
Well yesterday was Monday, but somehow it is already Friday.  Recently, we received this image in our community mailbox from "Uncle Dave".
From an airport somewhere,  Monroe county
It must be good to be in touch with your animal spirit and pray to the wishing well in preparation for any airport experiences.

Fact is, this brotherman Dave is the animal whisperer of the family.  In his presence, birds in captivity will hatch things. Turtles stick their necks out.  Dogs listen and bow to play.  Cats stop what they are doing.

Since 2010, Dave and his son have been learning the art of falconry, first as apprentices then receiving their general license in 2012.  One day early in the process, the Art Ranger attempted to document this human bird rapport and here is a glimpse:
Bird on a Stick
If we ever add a soundtrack and take out the wind noise, it would include bits of flamenco music.

Now Switcheroo
On the steps of Nacho Mama's in Watsonville
Phone Booth Side

Life gets bites taken out of it, or nibbles, and what's left?

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