Friday, September 6, 2013

Found Art Friday #127

Well Helllllo ....
We are back in range now as Labor Day has passed and we are again able and willing to gather our mind for this again - "this" being the collection and celebration of found "art" that manifests itself in the form of images.  Meanwhile, the back to school smell of new schoolbus yellow pencils has been replaced by a slippery black rectangle that sometimes replaces 40 lbs worth of books and other times becomes a shark who eats smaller fish or a cyborg who punches.  The hypnotic technological genie is out of the bottle.  

Over the summer, Art Ranger received a few submissions to share with you today.
From Nancy Grover in the bay area.  A spot where people leave offerings.

Here are two from  a friend in the bay area:
Hand cut flowers in the shop window
And Driveway Robot
We are interested in these visual actions that are extra work.  You aren't required to have a driveway robot, but what drives a person to put in the effort, either to make it, leave it there, or to take note?

Here is where the every day meets the serendipitous:
Witnessed by Bonnie Hotz: bird bathing in dogwater
How is it that our fried egg residue has become a migrating honking Canadian goose?
After Breakfast
That is all for your visual snack of the day.  Please join us any time with your found art submissions at

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