Friday, September 20, 2013

Found Art Friday 128

Well Hello,
The Art Ranger has spent a lot of extra time at the institution lately.  The classrooms are full, and spongebrain has 65 faces to name.  The technology does and does not work.   Will we reach any of them?  Regarding "art", 99% have almost zero background knowledge about it when they arrive (and yet it surrounds us).  It would be as though you had students who weren't yet aware that there existed both earth science and also biology.  So we start each batch from scratch over and over again.

Here are some words selected from their world that made Art Ranger's day. 

Student from  Malaysia:

"I would like to use art as a warm and peace way to color on my life and helping the community; and show to the world what art is."

after learning about the Dada movement:

"Now people see such deep meanings in pieces of art that i think is beautiful. Back in the day people people saw a picture of a lady and thought of that is a great picture of a lady. Now people have art that could just be a toilet. The people back in the day would have thought that it was not even close to art and should not even be considered such a thing. Now they see that it represents something like the world has lost hope and is destined for nothing but but to end up in the toilet. I feel that art is a beautiful concept and should be treated as such."

So now we realize that if one has never been shown much art, the two or three images you pull up to illustrate your point may have overfed significance. 
wow - look at us now               (This is how the NSA scandal makes many people feel too )  

The new faces are themselves concerned about the role of technology in their everyday lives and they care greatly about privacy:

Which is why Phone Troll WANTS (YOU, US, THEM) to be able to turn that thing off!
What do your "notes from the field" look like?
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