Friday, January 24, 2014

Found Art Friday 139

Well folks,
Unseasonably warm as it has been here in California, something big is telling us something bigger.  You just can't reason with the earth's atmosphere.

This week's "found art" has come from the biosphere of 1s and 0s, the bits and bytes.  As Art Ranger sits in front of her screen machine putting together the digital doorways to the semester's teachings, she runs across some accidental gems:
Print called "Wolf Girl" by Kiki Smith, 1991
(this makes us feel okay about not plucking our eyebrows since the 9th grade, or having an occasional feeling of hairy teeth)
not to mention Little Blue Riding Hood .....
Two deer on Nepal paper, also by Kiki Smith (refreshingly good artist)
"Wild Vegetation", Vincent Van Gogh - ( near the end)

We artists are always having to counter-act the vibe of this stressed, hungry, tortured artists' image, but no matter what  -  we absolutely love
the frenetic feelingness of his art 
"Makin Hay", 2005 , Sculpture By Tom Otterness in the Palo Alto hills

Which reminds us   -   We would enjoy hearing your comments on this recent story:
"CROP CIRCLE" from my neighborhood.

Please send your revelations, reveals or the real deals to:

Have a lovely week and perhaps pray (or over pray) for rain .....

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