Friday, January 31, 2014

Found Art Friday 140

Dear Ones,
We unearthed this accidental "art":
Inside lid of long neglected box of pastels.  Pastels that have been somewhere.  Moved and jiggled around, longing to become form, volume, light - pears, flowers, chairs.
Otherwise, the Art Ranger is entirely missing her senses of smell and taste.  Instead of being out on the range, we've been what we call "under the weather":
not under the sun

cumulus clouds, the word "cumulus" from the latin word for "heaps" of something - in our case it's um, heaps of used tissues.
 Now let's talk about chicken soup.  When you are sick, you have too much time to think about such things as the fact that Kleenex tissues are pathetic little wastes of cellulose and Puffs are superior. Or in this case, why is chicken soup so right to eat when you are sick?  Okay, your own core is munted (favorite slang from New Zealand), so that is why you need to slurp down the marrow of other creatures to restore yourself. And, of course, you may be feeling too blah to make your own chicken soup, so you reach for:
Andy Warhol, genius
But here is what else we discovered after having not had a can of  Campbells  Chicken Noodle SOUP in maybe 15 years.  That whole "gargle with saltwater" thing your mother told you when you had a sore throat - Campbells has totally got this covered in the soup. That 8oz. can has 940 mg of sodium!  According to some calculator for heart patients, it's about 17 teaspoons. Yep, and those feeble little half strings they try to pass off as noodles just further slither your mouth in salt like automatic carwash brushes.  After that, "drink plenty of fluids" pretty much becomes a survival tactic as you hallucinate amongst your cumulus of tissues about being lost and parched in the desert with a sore throat, holes in your socks and no mommy, while desiring a soothing lime green or blue snow cone.
Or maybe just a little art moment.
Louise Bourgeois
Have a heart felt week and may you have the time to make your own soup of life.
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